Effective Sept.1st, 2017 Servocal Instruments merged with Flow Measurement and Control. We provide certified on-site water and wastewater accuracy testing on all major brands of instruments and flow meters. We are experienced in wet well draw down testing, open channel testing and closed pipe testing using Ultrasonic transducers, Doplar and Transit Time sensors.

                                Sales / Design / Installation / Repair


 Propeller Meters        Turbine Meters          Mag Meters            Compound Meters

Parshall Flumes    V-Notch Weirs   Rectangular Weirs       Wet Well Draw Down

          Area served: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota, and Iowa


          Dave Sonsalla (Engineering)     612-708-6162      Dave@FlowMeas.com
          Paul Hinrichs (Field Tech)          952-288-7423      Paul@FlowMeas.com
         Steve Canham (Scheduling)      952-314-4244      Steve@Flowmeas.com
         Ron Pallansch (Consulting)        952-496-2592     Servocal@popp.net